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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Koh Tao Diving August 2017

We did a three day dive trip out of Chumphon to Koh Tao and around on the Tapana Catamaran with Sainamtalay. We stopped in Cha Am on the way down and the way back.

Ah, the usual pit stop at Amazon.

Lunch at the Thepprathan Steak House. The food was just so-so.

Cha Am sunrise. Always nice.

Phatangko (Chinese doughnuts) for breakfast.

Marriage registration at the Cha Am City Hall.

Mam at Laem Son Beach with Koh Talu offshore.

Laem Son small boat harbor.

Bang Son Bay, Chumphon

Bang Son Bay

Dinner at Jin Jira Resort, Chumphon

Koh Tao Sunrise - Aboard the Tapan Catamaran

Sail Rock

Dorid Nudibranch (Phyllidia Pustulosa?)

Shark Island (Koh Kong Sai Daeng) just off Koh Tao

Mr Kaen gives a briefing

Chef Pom - Dim Sum

This is what a relaxed diver looks like.

Brown-Banded Pipefish

Dorid Nudibranchs (Phyllidia)

Sunrise at Ao Hin Wong - Koh Tao

The reluctant sunbather

Mam stares in to the scuttled (to make an artificial reef) HTMS Prab 



Aeolid Nudibranch

Koh Ngam Yai

Koh Ngam Yai

Aeolid Nudibranch

Anemonae at Hin Pae

Video Here

Short video of diving around Koh Tao

Sunrise at Chumphon Matapon Pier

Tapana Catamaran

Mr Ngun - Expert Dingy Pilot

Courtesy Kaen at Sainamtalay Diving

Courtesy Kaen at Sainamtalay Diving

The narrowest spot (perhaps) in Thailand near the border with Burma.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Chonburi and Cha Am - July 2017

Another combo trip. First a night in Chonburi followed by a few days in Cha Am

On the way we stopped in Muak Lek. Mam consulted with a client while I had coffee at Van Coffee.

Yes, it's an amazing water fountain at the Amazon Cafe at a filling station in Wang Noi.

We stayed near here at beautiful Jomtien.

Some of Jomtien is not so nice.

We stayed at the Pattaya Non Dee guest house. A very nice place. 

Big room.

We had a few drinks. Forgot the name of this very blue bar.

More Non Dee.

And more.

Breakfast at Non Dee.

On to Cha Am. Baba Beach Club still underway.

Breakfast on Cha Am beach.

Sai Yoi small boat harbor south of Cha Am.

Lunch at Saap Dee Seafood.

Sky Lounge at Aquamarine, Thew Talay Estate.

Birthday lunch on the beach at Cha Am Little Shop

Beach pool at Thew Talay Estate

Cha Am Sunrise

Rice Porridge (โจ๊ก) on the beach at Ch Am

Best seafood at ครัวพ่อแมว

Raya Coffee, Cha Am

Aroy Restaurant, Cha Am

Three Faces Cafe, Cha Am