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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Chonburi and Cha Am - July 2017

Another combo trip. First a night in Chonburi followed by a few days in Cha Am

On the way we stopped in Muak Lek. Mam consulted with a client while I had coffee at Van Coffee.

Yes, it's an amazing water fountain at the Amazon Cafe at a filling station in Wang Noi.

We stayed near here at beautiful Jomtien.

Some of Jomtien is not so nice.

We stayed at the Pattaya Non Dee guest house. A very nice place. 

Big room.

We had a few drinks. Forgot the name of this very blue bar.

More Non Dee.

And more.

Breakfast at Non Dee.

On to Cha Am. Baba Beach Club still underway.

Breakfast on Cha Am beach.

Sai Yoi small boat harbor south of Cha Am.

Lunch at Saap Dee Seafood.

Sky Lounge at Aquamarine, Thew Talay Estate.

Birthday lunch on the beach at Cha Am Little Shop

Beach pool at Thew Talay Estate

Cha Am Sunrise

Rice Porridge (โจ๊ก) on the beach at Ch Am

Best seafood at ครัวพ่อแมว

Raya Coffee, Cha Am

Aroy Restaurant, Cha Am

Three Faces Cafe, Cha Am

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Chonburi and Cha Am

Mam had work in Chonburi, so we spent a couple of nights there before driving down to Cha Am for a few days.

The usual fuel and coffee break. 

Lunch stop at Dairy Home in Pak Chong

Afternoon work break at Amazon Cafe.

We had some difficulty finding the hotel in Pattaya. Both Google and Apple maps directed us to a spot that had no hotel access. We drove around the block and found the entrance.

Happy Hour at Witherspoon's in Pattaya

Dinner at The Butcher's Arms, Pattaya

Bangers and Mash

Swenson's at Central Festival, Pattaya

Happy Hour at The Sportsman, Pattaya

Dinner at Hops Brew House, Pattaya. They brew their own. The wheat beer was fine. Didn't try the lager.

Coffee break at the Pattaya Land Office.

Lunch at Texas (Church's) Chicken on the way to Cha Am.

Beach breakfast at Cha Am.

Coffee @Sea, Springfield Resort, Cha Am

Happy Hour at the condo

ยกเล่นได้ - You can lift for fun.

Coffee at Raya Coffee

Lunch at Cha Am Little Shop and Resot

View from the condo looking west toward Burma

Almost home. PTT filling station at Khok Kruat

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cha Am May 2017

Cha Am May 2017

Amazon Café, Pak Chong

Approaching Thew Talay Estate

Condo Panorama

Breakfast on the Beach

Jok is Served

Lemon Squid at Kruea Pa Maew

Raya Coffee

Sand Chedi

Beach at Cha Am Little Shop

That umbrella again

Sky Lounge Infinity Pool Sunrise

I promise, the last umbrella photo....

Fishing boat near Springfield Resort

Good Morning