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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Cha Am February 2018

Mam had work in both Saraburi and Chonburi. We spent a night at Jomtien Beach (Chonburi) and then drove on to Cha Am.

Pasak River, Chonburi

View from the Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel

Happy Hour at The Cove Bar

Lunch at Rim Kuen in Samut Songkhram

Rim Kuen - Quite a big restaurant

View of BaBa Beach Club

Condo landscaping is maturing nicely

Breakfast on the beach, Cha Am

Erosion control. South Cha Am Beach

Sai Yoi fishing village

Pa Maew Seafood Restaurant

Pa Maew

Beach Cottage in the classic style. Cha Am

Cha Am Little Shop - great for lunch

Cha Am Little Shop

North Cha Am Beach near the harbor

Ice - Cha Am Harbor

Cha Am Harbor

Cha Am Harbor

Cha Am Harbor - Fishmongers with plaid hats

Live Shrimp

Cycling West of Cha Am 

Tung Krajiao is a forest park on the mountain due west of our condo. I have cycle/hiked in the park from the southwest entrance. This was an attempt to find the northeast trailhead.

Cycling snack

Old Thai highway marker.

Huay Sai Reservoir

These wooden elephants mark the turn to the road that leads to the trailhead.

The trail is just ahead.

Trail through Tung Krajiao Forst Park

Tung Krajiao

Tung Krajiao

Tung Krajiao

The park area is very dry this time of year. There is lots of bamboo.

Tung Krajiao

Tung Krajiao

Tung Krajiao

Made it

Short video showing cycling route.

Back at the condo it's Happy Hour at BaBa Beach Club

BaBa Beach Club

This guy sells traditional Thai coffee on the beach. We call him Carabao.

On the way home. Rest stop at what must be the biggest Amazon Café.