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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chinese New Year

For most Thai/Chinese families, Chinese New Year is a time to honor ancestors and make offerings to household deities. The offerings often consist of paper replicas of everyday items which are later burned to send them off to departed ancestors. Real food is also offered which is later consumed by the living descendants. This year the celebration was somewhat special because Mam's Mom recently passed away so this was the first time she was honored in this way.

Family shrine with food offerings.

Food offerings on the table with paper stuff on the floor.

Food offerings to Mam's Mom.

Food and paper offerings to grandparents.

Paper currency, gold bars, shoes, iPads, etc.

Incense for the shrine.


The Gai Yang (barbecued chicken) lady dropped by. She's a close neighbor.

Burning the paper stuff to send it to the great beyond.

Lots of food for the living.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Bit of Bangkok

I had to go to Bangkok for some medical stuff. In my spare time I visited a couple of new places.

But first, it's election time in Bangkok. Time to elect a new governor.

One of many, many campaign posters. This is the incumbent, Democrat Sukhumbhand Paribatra. 

Siam Center, one of Bangkok's older shopping centers has been remodeled, again.
It now includes a branch of Mr Jones Orphanage, an upscale cake shop and milk bar.

Danger zone

It also includes a Magnum Café, an establishment dedicated to enhancing what must already be the world's richest chocolate coated ice cream bar.

The recently opened Sofitel has a wonderful restaurant and bar, L'apart on the 32nd floor. Views are lovely.

Two for one Bombay and Tonic during Happy Hour.

Looking east down Sukhumvit road.

Looking south with the Chao Phraya river barely visible in the distance.


The Big Mango at night.