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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Khok Kruat and Ban Phutsa

Two of my favorite bike rides are to the villages of Khok Kruat and Ban Phutsa. Khok Kruat is right on the main highway about 20K west of Korat. It still retains a bit of old charm, with many old wooden shop houses still standing. Sadly, they are rapidly being replaced by more modern concrete structures. Luckily, the old train station still stands and serves four trains a day; two in each direction.

Khok Kruat Railway Station

Sunset at Khok Kruat Railway Station

Ban Phutsa is a small agricultural village that sits astride a minor highway. It is notable mainly for one of the few Khmer Prangs (tower) in Nakhon Ratchasima province. It also has a huge marshy wetland which was recently cleared of vegetation. I don't know why.

Khmer Prang at Wat Prang Torng

Bung Phutsa Wetland

This part of Thailand is lucky to have a good network of irrigation canals which enable many farmers to plant three crops of rice each year.

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