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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bike Ride - September 8, 2013

I set out on my bicycle for Ban Phutsa and Wat Prang Torng and then decided to head over to Kam Talay Soh and Kok Kruat.

Planting rice.

Wat Prang Torng near Ban Phutsa. This is an 11th Century Khmer Prang (tower). Yes, the tower leans that far over.

The lintel depicts the Hindu god Indra riding his three headed elephant, Erawan.

Leaf shaped stones (Sema stones) are used to mark the sacred area of the ordination hall (ubosot) of a Buddhist temple (wat). There are many very old and worn Sema stones scattered around this wat.

Discarded spirit houses. When people discard a spirit house they tend to toss them in a place where they will be kept company by other discarded spirit houses.

This railway overpass has been under construction for three years. I finally got to ride over it today.

I got a nice view of the railway line from the top.

After three hours of riding, I needed a coffee break. This is old fashioned Thai coffee made with a filter shaped like a sock. It is usually sweetened with condensed milk and topped off with canned milk.

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