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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cha Am - May 2015

Another visit to the beach

Sunrise at Baan Thew Talay

Breakfast on The Beach
Old fashioned Thai coffee and Phatangko (Chinese doughnuts)

New helmet

Beach at The Veranda hotel

Gin and Tonic at Veranda

Khao Nang Panthurat Forest Park

I took a nice long bike ride to Khao Nang Panthurat Forest Park. The park encompasses most of the mountains in the distance.

Nang Panthurat's Window

Shrine to Nang Panthurat

One of the creatures I saw on the nature walk.

Very steep trail in places.

Many beautiful views.

There are many Gibbons. They like to steal your stuff.

Ma Yom Cave

Morning Cappuccino at Coffee @Sea

Hup Kapong Reservoir

I did another ride up to Hup Kapong Reservoir

Another coffee break. Sesame doughnuts and instand coffee.

Solar farm on the way home

Pizza and beer at Bella Pizza, Cha Am

Ordination ceremony

Happy Hour at Buffy Belly Bar, Cher Resort, Cha Am

Another sunrise

North of Cha Am

I did another ride to the beaches north of Cha Am. This is the Cha Am harbor.

View of Khao Nang Panthurat

These beaches are really empty and quite clean and beautiful.

Thai Air Force parachute practice tower.

Abandoned hotel

Cooling off at the beach.

A thunder storm approaches Cha Am

Sunset over Burma

Dinner on the beach at Nong Nut Seafood

On the way back to Korat we stopped for lunch at this very typical Thai restaurant.

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