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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cha Am and Sattahip - October 2016

A week at the condo in Cha Am and then one night in Sattahip

Lunch stop at KFC

Breakfast on the beach. Pathongko. (Chinese doughnuts.)

Erosion control at Regent beach

Lunch at Krua Pa Mao

Tom Yang Gung - spicy shrimp soup

I did a nice long bike ride

Bike ride nutrition stop

Spirit houses

Highway kilometer marker

Atsikro 2 Mosque at Tha Mai Ruak

Reclining Budda at Wat Phra Phutthabat Khao Luk Chang

Water Stop

Dinner at the lovely Bella Pizza in Cha Am. Such a clean kitchen.

Panorama from the Sky Lounge at Thew Talay Estate

Lunch at Aroy in Cha Am. Dozens and dozens of clocks.

Tom Kha Gai

Pork with herbs

Sky Lounge at Thew Talay Estate

Lunch at Saab Di Seafood

Infinity pool at Thew Talay Estate

Gin and Tonic at Panas Bar

Rice porridge for breakfast at Cha Am Beach

Build a storm drain
Block it with a hunk of concrete
Use a pump to get around the block

View from the room at บ้านสัตหีบชายทะเล (Ban Sattahip by the Sea)

Old Town Sattahip

Sattahip fishing harbor

Dinner at Café de Sea

Breakfast at the hotel

Doughnuts and sticky rice with pork

Sattahip bay

Memorial for the late King

Old Town Sattahip

Snapper at the morning fresh market



Tired vendor


Grilled pork

The ice man

Wat Luang Pho Ei

Morning coffee at Gather Cafe

Mam picks up her new dive gear from Sainamtalay

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