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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wat Lam Phong and Wat Ban Kampang

I cycled out to Wat Lam Phong and Wat Ban Kampang to see if there were any artifacts of interest. Wat Lam Phong is adjacent to a huge, rectangular reservoir which I think might be of Khmer origin or about 1000 years old. I didn't find much, but it was a lovely ride.

Roadside coconut stand with curbside service. Sold for the coconut water inside as a rejuvinating beverage.

One fork of the Boribon river.

Newly built irrigation canal.

Hauling wood on the highway.

Buddha image at Wat Lam Phong

Drying rice near Wat Lam Phong

Sema stones (ใบเสมา) at Wat Lam Phong. These are placed at the Cardinal and Ordinal points of the compass around the Ubosot (Ordination Hall). This wat has double Sema stones indicating Royal patronage. 

Luk Nimit (ลูกนิมิต) stones are buried under the Sema stones. In modern times these are machined to be almost perfect spheres. Older Nimit were more ovoid. I suspect that this one was discovered during renovation or reconstruction of the Ubosot and put on display. It's probably several hundred years old.

Interior of the Viharn (assembly hall) at Wat Lam Phong.

This huge, rectangular reservoir is what brought me to this wat. I suspect it may have originally been built by the Khmer around a thousand years ago. It is still in use and maintained.

Sometimes Google Maps doesn't let you know about a change in road surface.

Etan farm vehicle uses a small, removable diesel engine. The engine can be repurposed as a water pump, generator motor, etc.

Gathering green onions at Van Kampang village.

Kuti (monk's sleeping quarters) at Wat Ban Kampang

Wat Ban Kampang - The Sema stones at this wat are protected by a short of chedi. This is not common.

Huge wetland near Ban Kampang


I'm cycling in the middle of nowhere when all of a sudden this new housing estate appears.

Still standing. 1000 year old Khmer Prang at Wat Prang Torng near Ban Phutsa.

Boribon River near Wat La Lom Pho

Viharn (assembly hall) at Wat La Lom Pho

Coffee break. This small Thai restaurant is in the middle of nowhere north of Ban Kon Chum village. I was amazed to see that they had an espresso machine and several varieties of coffee bean from which to choose.

Spirit Houses near Ban Kon Chum

This short video is an aerial view of my bicycle ride and includes a few of these photos showing just where they were taken.

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