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Friday, January 6, 2017

Khao Yai and Cha Am December 2016

Christmas Eve in Khao Yai - Christmas to New Year at Cha Am

Christmas Eve at Balios Resort, Khao Yai

Tower of Pisa at Toscana Valley, Khao Yai

Balios Resort, Khao Yai

Lunch on the road to Cha Am. Chinese style pork leg.

Christmas at Thew Talay

Gift from The Netherlands

Grilled pork for breakfast at Cha Am beach

Cha Am Beach Cottage

Cycling trip to Wat Na Yang

North Cha Am Beach

Draw Bridge over Cha Am Harbor

North Cha Am

Khao Nang Panthurat in the distance

Rural Road

Jurassic Mountain Fishing Resort

Old Ubosot (ordination hall) at Wat Na Yang

Interior of Ubosot - Wat Na Yang

Reclining Buddha - Wat Na Yang

Wat Na Yang

Reclining Buddha Image in Cave at Na Kwang

Inside the cave

Inside the cave

Coconut Plantation

Dharma Practice Place at Nang Nuan Cave

Video of Cycle to Wat Na Yang

Variation on a Theme

Setting a Net

South Cha Am Beach Erosion Control


Cha Am Little Shop Resort and Restaurant

A cool one at Pana's Bar

View from the balcony

A fishing boat beaches near Thew Talay

Video of Cha Am Fishing Boat

Breakfast vendors at South Cha Am Beach

Grilled chicken and pork at Saap Seafood

Saap Seafood

Our favorite Jok vendor making pork balls and rice porridge

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