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Friday, April 28, 2017

North Andaman Scuba Diving

On the Tapana Catamaran with Sainamtalay Diving

Approaching Phuket

Koh Yao on the approach to Phuket

Dive briefing aboard the Tapan Catamaran

Similan Islands dive site: Zodiac

Tapan Catamaran lift

Zillions of glass fish on this trip

Healthy coral

Black Velutinid - A Mollusk with an internal shell

Koh Bon - Note the hole....

Morning coffee near Richelieu Rock

Dorid Nudibranch at Richelieu Rock

Working so hard in the cabin between dives

Jellyfish at Richelieu Rock

Jellyfish at Richelieu Rock

Koh Tachai Pinnacle

Koh Tachai Pinnacle

Koh Tachai Pinnacle

Koh Tachai Pinnacle

Koh Tachai Pinnacle

Koh Tachai Pinnacle

Koh Tachai Pinnacle

Sunrise at Koh Tachai

Koh Tachai Pinnacle

Arminid Nudibranch at Koh Tachai Pinnacle

Mr Kaen, our fearless leader

Sunset near Ao Kuerk (Donald Duck Bay), Similan Islands

A turtle comes for food.

Similan sunrise with Venus and the Moon

Sunrise at Ao Kuerk

Mam inspects a Giant Barrel Sponge at the deep reef, Three Trees (Breakfast Bend)

Mam and a giant fan at Three Trees

Elephant Head Rock

West of Eden

Two nudibranchs here. A Dorid on the left and a Miamira on the right. West of Eden.

Hawksbill turtle, West of Eden

Miss Bom serves burgers

Diving over. Time for a beer on ice.

Topping up. 6000 gallons of diesel for the next trip at Rassada Pier, Phuket.

North tip of Phuket and the causeway to the mainland.

Short video of the dive trip

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