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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Cham Am - Christmas and New Year 2017

As usual, we spent Christmas and the New Year in Cha Am

Christmas at Café Amazon

It's corn season in Pak Chong

Suwan Corn Farm

Condo Kitchen

Breakfast at Cha Am Beach

Enough to eat there, Michael

Wat Sai Yoi

Cycling through the fisherman village at Sai Yoi

Tom Yang Gung at Pa Maew

Progress at Baba Beach club

Yes, it was chilly at the beach

And on the balcony

Christmas at Raya Resort

Cha Am fishing harbor

Vendors near the blue crab draw bridge

Blue Crab Draw Bridge

Cha Am Fishing Harbor

Chucking Clams

Christmas at Ban Bang Kate

Michael and the Giant Custard Apple

View of Khao Nang Panthurat Forest Park

Ordained tree and spirit house

Rice, ready for harvest

Tham Khao Nang Nuan Dharma Practice Place 

The next several photos were taken at one of the strangest places I've ever seen.

Unfortunately, the cave was closed

Back to reality....

Yes, a horse

Cha Am Little Shop and Resort - great food.

Baba Beach Club


So we remember how big the pizza is next time.

That's our place. The one with the lights.

Last sunrise of 2017

Rice porridge for the New Year

The real Mr. Donut.

Ready for firewords

Confined water

New Year Sunrise - 2018

We had a little New Year celebration at Wat Nong Chaeng in Cha Am

Buddha Images

Donation box

Lovely old wooden ubosot (ordination hall)

Small shrine

Happy New Year

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