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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Cha Am March 2018

New Amazon Cafe soon at PTT Pak Chong

Small boat harbor at Sai Yoi

Shrine at Pa Maew Seafood Restaurant

Chatchai Market, Hua Hin

Lovely lizard at Thew Talay Estate

Crab on the beach at Thew Talay

Spirit House at Thew Talay Estate

Cha Am Little Shop

Mojito at Baba Beach Club, Thew Talay Estate

Arugula, Arugula

Huge Amazon Cafe at PTT Wang Noi

Cycling Around the Mountain at Cha Am

Video showing the route around the mountain

Railroad Crossing at Hwy 1001, Cha Am

Sustenance for the ride

Wat Ang Hin

Huay Thabat Reservoir

Bike Path on Hwy 4002

Where do you go?

Forest in Tha Yang District

Atsikro 2 Mosque, Tha Yang

Petchaburi River at Khao Luk Chang

Khao Luck Chang

Compost for Sale


Pottery Kilns

Water Stop

Rice, Almost Ready

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