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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Chonburi & Cha Am July

A one night stop for work in Chonburi before heading on to Cha Am

Amazon Cafe fountain at PTT Wang Noi

View from our room in Jomtien, Chonburi.
Yeah, it's a mess. Not one of my favorite areas.

Shrine to Thai actor Mitr Chaibancha who died in a helicopter accident while filming a scene at Dongtan Beach, just near here.

Shrine to Mitr Chaibancha

Seafood dinner at Jomtien Beach.

Som Tam seller. Note the plastic bag storage.

Roti for dessert.

Mam at the Hilton Pattaya. She met a client here.

Low season in Cha Am.

Plumeria tree at the infinity pool at Thew Talay Estate.

View of BaBa Beach Club from Thew Talay.

Plumeria tunnel to the beach.

Cha Am Little Shop - My favorite lunch stop.

The beach at Cha Am Little Shop. Yeah. Low season.

Happy Sunrise at the Sky Lound, Thew Talay.

And here it is

Breakfast cart at Cha Am Beach

Happy Hour view from the Gravity Bar, Novotel Cha Am.

Happy Hour can be happy.

The view south toward Hua Hin.

The view north toward Cha Am Beach.


Sunset over Burma

Another view north.

Cafe Muan Chon

Vinne restaurant at South Cha Am Beach

Fried snapper with garlic. Really good.

Blue Sea Bar - We never got our food order.

Fruit Buffet

Too much sun?

Bike Ride to Laem Phak Bia
Environment Research Development Project

Sometimes a snack is required early in the ride

I guess there are enough accidents that a permanent sign is warranted.

Laem Phak Bia Environment Research Development Project
The project looks to combine wastewater treatment with mangrove forest rehabilitation. There are several boardwalk trails through the mangroves. It is about 40K north of Cha Am.

Fidler crab holes.

One of the boardwalks stretches out over the sea.

Looking back at the mangrove forest.

There are many small fishing villages north of Cha Am. This at Laem Luang.

This is near Chao Samran Beach.

Odd choice of color for a wat

Low Season at Chao Samran Beach.

The secondary roads north of Cha Am area a pleasure to ride. Well maintained with almost no traffic.

I had a hard time finding a place for lunch. This place turned out to be great. I had a spicy squid salad.

Short video of ride to Laem Phak Bia

Bike Ride to Sai Yoi

The entrance to our condo.

Low season beach at the Springfield Resort.

Lovely road near the Regent Hotel.

Low tide at Sai Yoi small boat harbor,

My mission was to buy Som Tam to go with our grilled pork. 

It made a great lunch.

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