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Friday, September 28, 2018

Diving at Losin in Pattani

Losin is a marvelous dive site which is located in Pattani province about eight hours by boat (at 7 knots) due east of Songkhla.

Evening at Songkhla harbor

Songkhla harbor sunset

Losin dive site map
The light is on the northwest pinnacle

Losin light on a dreary day
Amazing that the light actually works

Losin sunrise


Tapana Catamaran dive deck with Losin light

Dive deck chaos

Chef Bom prepares sushi

Mam contemplating mango and sticky rice

Barbecue night with Chef Bom

Losin sunset

Losin sunrise

Losin sunrise

Losin sunrise

Songkhla harbor in the early morning

Dive boat crew

Songkhla harbor

Songkhla harbor

Tapana Catamaran boat crew hero

Dive group
Far, Michael, Mam, Michael, Link and Ing

Happy diver

Dive Computer Near Disaster

After one dive the strap on my Suunto D4i began to disintegrate. I tried to hold it together with a cable tie and some dental floss.

After the next dive it completely fell apart.

I devised this great high tech solution in order to continue diving.

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