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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Ayutthaya November

Mam had work there, so we made two overnight trips to Ayutthaya

View of Lam Takhong Reservoir from Suan Muang Porn restaurant

Suan Muang Porn Restaurant

Highway Pak Chong PTT Petrol Station

Mam and Friend

Silp-pa Hotel, Ayutthaya

Silp-pa Hotel, Ayutthaya

Buddha Image Remains at Wat Ho Rakhang adjacent to Silp-pa Hotel

Mam at Silp-pa Hotel

Wat Phra Mahatat

Collection of headless Buddha images

Perhaps the most famous and most photographed Buddha image in Thailand

Wat Nok, just outside the grounds of Wat Mahatat

Ruined Bridge over Klong Tho Road, Ayutthaya

Chao Phraya River with sand barge and Wat Chai Wattanaram in the distance

Coffee Old City
Across From Wat Mahatat

Coffee Old City

Wat Phra Ram

What's left of a Buddha image in the "Defeating Mara" gesture

Main stupa.Two interesting plaster renderings of Buddha. Above the lintel is a reclining Buddha In the doorway a Buddha image in the "Pacifying the Relatives" gesture.

Wat Nok - Near Wat Mahatat

Coffee Old City
Across from Wat Mahatat

Brown Ale Pub Bar & Grill
Some craft beer and good food

Mam attacks my burger

Cafe Inn Factory
Pak Chong

Cafe Inn Factory

Cafe Inn Factory


This is a Corbel arch. All the bricks are horizontal. Neither the Thais nor the Khmer ever developed a tru arch. Both used the Corbel arch.

This true arch is at Wat Ho Rakhang. Thais began using the true arch after it was introduced by Europeans in the late Ayutthaya period.

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