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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving In Thailand

I've been in Thailand nearly seven years and for the first time I decided to buy turkey and do up a real Thanksgiving meal. I only have one oven, so the cooking would have to be done in stages over a couple of days. I made everything from scratch, no packaged or prepared foods.

On Wednesday I started out baking a nice loaf of dark brown bread. The bowl contains sourdough starter, bread flour and rolled oats. The pan has beer, molasses, cornmeal and butter. These all get combined to make the dough which takes about six hours to rise.

Here's some cooked pumpkin, all ready to be pureed and made into pie filling.

Pie in the oven looks OK.

Here's the bread ready to bake as soon as the pie is done.

All done!

I started the turkey early Thursday afternoon.

The oven is just big enough. I also made some stuffing (bread cubes, sausage and raisins) which I cooked separately from the turkey. I made gravy from the giblets and pan drippings.

Mam bought a lovely bottle of Cabernet to go with the meal.

Carving the bird.

Ready to eat. (Yes, those are Chocolate Santas on the table!)

Whip up some cream for the pie.

That's about it!

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  1. Great effort Mike, Looks like everything turned out well!