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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yesterday's Bike Ride - Rural Isaan

Isaan (or Isan) is the Thai name for the northeastern part of Thailand which lies on the Korat Plateau. Although I live in the city of Korat, the beauty of rural Isaan is only a few minutes away by bicycle. I took a ride to the northwest of my house.

Old bus stop sign on Mukkamontree Road.

Rice drying on a concrete pad.

Recently harvested rice field.

Green rice almost ready to harvest.

Rice fields ready for planting.

Because irrigation water is readily available in this area, rice farmers can get three or four crops per year. At any time of year you can observe rice fields at every stage of growth.

Typical Isaan home built up on stilts to avoid flooding. Note the garlic drying under the shed roof and the vicious guard dogs.

Old fashioned wooden rice barn.

The rice barn photo was taken at location A on the Google Earth screenshot above. Note the remains of a circular moat at the lower left quadrant of the village. I believe this indicates that this is an ancient village dating from the time (7th century) when the Mon people dominated this part of Thailand. Most Mon settlements, including large cities, were surrounded by roughly circular moats.

Communal ancestor shrine.

Rice drying on the grounds of a wat (Buddhist Temple)

More beautiful rice.

Pond used mainly to store water for irrigation.

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  1. Your post is a joy to read and should inspire people to venture out [away from the commercialism] and see Thailand and all its beauties.