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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Roi Et

Roi Et Province is a few hour's drive northeast of Korat. Mam had work there, so I tagged along.

First stop was for some coffee at a PTT Park filling station. Amazon coffee is always good.

This is lake Phalancahi, which is in the center of Roi Et city. There is a nice island with the City Pillar and plenty of recreational facilities.

Mam pays her respects at the City Pillar.

We had dinner at the well-known Thai/European restaurant, White Elephant.

Mam had to work in the morning so I took a long walk. This is the eastern side of the moat which surrounds the city.

We stayed at the Roi Et City Hotel. The view is from across the moat.

In the distance you can see the giant standing Buddha at Wat Buraphaphiram.

The image is known as "Phra Phuttha Ratana Mongkhon Maha Muni". It is about 60 meters tall.

I crossed this old wooden bridge over the moat and on into town.

This is the northern part of the moat.

The giant Buddha image as seen from the tower at Wat Klang Ming Muang.

Wat Klang Ming Muang

From Wat Klang Ming Muang

Main ordination hall at Wat Klang Ming Muang

Interior of the ordination hall. The gold colored stones set into the floor are called sema stones; they indicate that the enclosed area is sacred. They are normally placed outside of the building at the four corners. The fact that these stones are doubled (two per corner) indicates that this is a Royal temple.

Mural over entrance to ordination hall at Wat Klang Ming Muang.

Tower at Wat Klang Ming Muang

As we were leaving Roi Et we had lunch at this garden restaurant that specializes in barbecued chicken.

Here we've got sticky rice in the baskets and papaya salad on the place.

On the way home we stopped at Phra That Na Dun in Mahasarakham Province. This modern structure was built to hold Buddha relics discovered inside a nearby, ancient chedi.

Ring that gong!

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