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Monday, May 28, 2012


Mam had some work in Songkhla, so I decided to tag along. Songkhla is a province in southern Thailand. It is probably best known for it's huge inland salt water lagoon called Talay Sab Songkhla.

This is Chalatat Beach which runs roughly north and south on the east side of old Songkhla. This was a Sunday afternoon. Plenty of people, but certainly not crowded.

An egg seller on Chatalat Beach. Lots of shade and plenty of nice grass to sit on.

Cool breezes. Great place for a walk.

Kites for sale.

There was once an express commuter train that ran between Hat Yai and Songkhla. This is the Songkhla station.

The area around the old station is now a huge market.

The ice man.

Songkhla harbor is on the lagoon side of old Songkhla. 

This old Chinese shrine is one of many interesting buildings.

Old shophouses. The lagoon in the background. 

An old home.

Mr. Khao Man Gai.

Old and new.

I had an old-style coffee in this place.

Sticky rice and custard with coffee and a glass of hot tea.

The old Songkhla city wall.

The museum. Closed Monday and Tuesday. We missed it. These are the old administrative buildings.

At the north end of Songkhla is Tang Kuan Hill. On top is a shrine, chedi and light house. About nine years ago a lift was installed to whisk you quickly to the top. This is a view of Samila beach from the top.

The lagoon (Talay Sab Songkhla) on the left, Samila beach on the right. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Songkhla town and the lagoon.

This is Samila beach on a Monday afternoon. No one in sight.

Mam takes a rest on Tang Kuan Hill.

Looking east on Samila beach.

The Mermaid. (Spelled 'mermade' on some tourist maps.)

Sunset stroll on Samila beach.

A couple enjoys the sunset.

It just got better and better.

Dinner on Samila beach. Tom Yum Goong, of course.

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