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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Burma 2012 - Bagan: Day Three

Our first two days were spent in and around Old Bagan. In the morning of our third and last day we headed north away from Old Bagan and in the afternoon we headed south

These wooden wheeled carts are still in use.

Shwezigon Phaya. 11th Century.

There are golden lions at each corner of Shwezigon Phaya.

Fresco mural inside Kyanzittha Umin.

Kubyauk Gyi. 13th Century Indian style temple.

Htilomino. 13th Century.

Buddha Image inside Htilomino.

Exterior decoration, Htilomino.

Mam at the entrance to Htilomino. Most of the major sites have vendors selling paintings, carvings, bells and other souvenirs. 

Bull cart.
U Pali Thein, a 13th Century ordination hall.

Mural in U Pali Thein

U Pali Thein

U Pali Thein

For lunch we went to Golden Myanmar, which features Burmese food.

If you order the "Myanmar Buffet" you get one of everything on the menu (see below). Any dishes that you finish are immediately refilled unless you can somehow communicate that you are quite full.

So much food!

Mya Zedi, a 12th Century gilded stupa.

Nanpaya, an 11th Century Hindu Temple.

The design elements and decorations seem very Khmer.

Bas relief inside Nanpaya.

Manuha, an 11th Century temple.

Giant reclining Buddha inside Manuha.

Another huge and cramped Buddha image inside Manuha.

Lawkachanthar. 13th Century.

Our drive brought us here so we could climb up to the roof for sunset.

Not a great sunset, but quite a view.

Our guide, horse and cart wait for us near Lawkachanthar.

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