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Friday, May 25, 2012

Burma 2012 - Bagan: Day Two

We hired a horse and cart to take us from place to place in hot and dusty Bagan.

Sulamani Phaya

 Pyathada Phaya - 13th Century

Panoramic view from Pyathada Phaya

One of four Buddha images in Pyathada Phaya



Here you can see our faithful horse and the dusty road on which we traveled. Most of the roads in the historic district are unpaved. That's Sulamani (13th Century) in the distance.

The arches in Sulamani use carved stone keystones rather than all fired brick.

Mural - Sulamani

Wonderful elephant - Sulamani

Mam buys a temple bell.

Dhammayangyi Phaya - 12th Century

Ananda is an 11th Century Mon temple, said to be the finest in Bagan. It was extensively destroyed in a 1975 earthquake and has been completely restore. I think some of the modern touches added make it a bit gaudy. But this hallway with niches is magnificent.

Wooden monastery (rebuilt?) near Tuangbi Village.

Our horse cart drive took us to Leya village where he hoped we would get a good panoramic view from the huge pile of bricks that remain from a destroyed chedi. Unfortunately, a fierce thunderstorm came up just as we climbed the hill. It destroyed my umbrella and knocked a lens out of my glasses. Great view, though.

Bamboo house, Leya Village. The bark of the trees surrounding this house is used to make the thanaka paste that Burmese women use to protect their face and arms from the sun.

Wooden monastery, Leya Village.

Sunset from Shwesandaw Paya

This is a popular spot for sunset as it is one of the few places where visitors can climb up to the upper levels of a temple. 

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