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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Burma 2012 - Downtown Yangon and Dala

Downtown Yangon has some nice examples of British colonial architecture. We had a look at a few in the morning and then headed out for Dala Island.

This is the high court building.

This is the ferry we took across the Yangon River to Dala Island.

There were many vendors on the boat, including this egg seller.

Ferry landing on the Dala side.

We hired trishaw drivers to peddle us around.

These boats take passengers back and forth across the river.

Although right across from bustling Yangon, this area is quiet and poor with many bamboo villages like this one.

Lots of friendly kids.

We saw a caravan of National League for Democracy trucks delivering clean bottled drinking water to villages.

This is the NLD office in Dala Township.

Potato and garlic sellers at the fresh market.

This betel nut seller prepares a "chew" with Betel leaf, Areca nut, lime paste and various flavorings. Betel nut chewing is very popular in Burma.

After a long hot day we enjoyed drinks at the Kipling Bar back at the Savoy Hotel.

The next day we flew to Bagan.

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