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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bicycle Ride to Bueng O

The village of Bueng O is named for the nearby reedy marsh. Based on not much evidence, I think that the marsh is the remnants of an ancient Khmer reservoir that was in use during the Angkor era, over 1000 years ago. I know of no Khmer ruins in this area, but there is wat (Wat Bueng O) with a very old ubosot (ordination hall) that shows the area has been inhabited for quite some time.

On the road to Bueng O. Rice field panorama.

Wat Si Mum Nuea - Si Mum is a village near Bueng O

Water Buffalo

Very old Sema stone at Wat Bueng O

Exposed brick work on the ubosot at Wat Bueng O

Inside the ubosot

Door to ubosot


Inscription on the steps leading to the ubosot. I think it shows that the ubosot was renovated in the Buddhist year 2499 - sixty years ago.

Another view of the ubosot showing Sema stones

Buddha image

Sandstone is not local to this area, but there are many big hunks around the wat, like this one. Perhaps remains of larger structures.

Decoration on the ubosot door.

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