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My friend Henk Landkroon, from Groningen in the Netherlands, has an excellent photoblog: STORMBLAST1953

Friday, September 9, 2016

Cha Am August 2016

Amazon Coffee - Pak Chong

Breakfast on Cha Am beach

Spirit house at Cha Am beach

Low tide south of Cha Am

Under construction


Nimit Bike shop

Birdwing butterfly on Plumeria flowers

Breakfast truck at Cha Am beach

Best seafood: Kruea Pa Maew

Thew Talay Estate

Thew Talay Estate

Collecting sand for my Dutch friends Henk and Sacha

Sunrise - Thew Talay Estate

Lunch at Sarp Seafood

Construction of BaBa Beach Club at Thew Talay Estate


Pork on a stick at Cha Am beach

South Cha Am beach

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