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Friday, December 16, 2011

Pond Rehab

Just before we moved in to this house we built a nice pond for the garden. You can see shots of the construction here:  Korat Pond Construction

Unfortunately, the liner we used, which was supposed to last 20 years, failed in four. We decided to replace the liner with ferrocement.

Here I've ripped out the liner and let the pond drain into the ground. The underlayment held up well. I decided to leave it.

Here the pond is lined with chicken wire (poultry netting). I put in two layers of the stuff.

Here you can better see the chicken wire.

Here I am applying cement to the chicken wire. The mixture is two sand to one cement with enough just enough water to keep it stiff. We added some black pigment as well.

We had to mix many batches of cement.

Smoothing with a sponge.

Not fun to mix mortar all afternoon.

Almost done.

Completed and smoothed.

Almost back to normal.

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