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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bike Ride to Ban Phutsa

I like to cycle up to Ban Phutsa. It's about 10K north of my house. The round trip takes about an hour, more if I stop and look around.

My first stop is usually to see if this old Khmer Prang is still standing. It's located on the grounds of Wat Prang Torng in Ban Phutsa. For the location, see the "Click to see in Google Maps ->" link below.

The fine lintel depicts Indra (Phra In) riding his three-headed elephant, Erawan (Airavata).

Not far from the wat is this lake. The government has been working for years to clear vegetation from this big lake and dredge it. 

These barges, which now seem to be living quarters, were once on the lake and used for clearing waterborne vegetation.

On the way home I always stop to have a look at this picturesque rice field.

360ยบ view.

This is the family that works the land here. They grow rice, vegetables and flowers.

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