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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saipan - Family

The purpose of my recent visit to Saipan was to see my daughter, Chicha, her two sons, Christian and Dean and her boyfriend, Chris. I got lots of family photos:

Breakfast at Shirley's Coffee Shop - Chis and Christian

Chicha on the iPad.

Pancakes for grandpa.

Chicha and Dean at Pakpak Beach, San Antonio.

Christian down the slide.

Feeding Guinea Pigs at the Saipan Zoo.

Do fruit bats really like popcorn?

Saipan Zoo

Saipan Zoo

View from Mt. Tagpochau. 

Tagpochau Road

Baby Dean 

Hard Rock Cafe

Salad and Wine for Grandpa

Scrabble Night with friends at Coffee Care

Family photos by Del Bensen

Lunch at 360 in the old Nauru Building.

Pizza at 360

Bird Island

Christian calls me "Grandpa Michael Newman".

The view from Suicide Cliff.

View from Marpi looking back toward the lagoon and Garapan.

Inside the Last Command Post of the Japanese Army on Saipan.

Japanese tank.

Banzai Cliff. The northern tip of Saipan.

Michael and Dean at Shenanigans.

Beach at American Memorial Park, Garapan.

Christian's beach fort.

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