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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Mam had to do some work in Buriram so I went along for the ride and visited a couple of Khmer ruins.

The first was Prasat Khok Ngiao. It has a very tall prang surrounded by a still-standing wall and entrance gate. This place was easy to find; just off the highway on the grounds of a wat.

The sandstone blocks are catalogued and, one hopes, waiting for restoration work.

I believe this reconstructed capital would have sat on top of the tower in the background.
Prasat Plai Bat I was much more difficult to reach. I had to drive about an hour from Nang Rong and then walk another hour on a poor trail through the scrub.

It was well worth it. The Prasat is perched on the rise of a hill with a spectacular view of the countryside.

I think this wall would have extended around the entire Prasat. The portion with the entrance gate is all that is left.

Lots of unidentified pieces around.

Panoramic view.

Dusty road on the way out.

Lunch here at a small restaurant in Lahan Sai. Fried rice.

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