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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Cha Am, Bangkok and Hin Lat Waterfall - October 2020

A Visit to Cha Am with a stop in Bangkok

On the way to Bangkok we stopped in Pak Chong where we saw many provincial police officers on the headed to the city to deal with the Pro Democracy protestors.

We stayed a funky boutique hotel called "House of Phraya Jasaen) in the Yannawa district of Bangkok near Sathorn road and the Taksin Bridge.

I visited the old Madrid bar just off Silom. This was a favorite hangout for ex-CIA and Air American types during and after the Vietnam war. It used to be a busy place in the afternoon. The pandemic seems to have killed it.

Back bar at the Madrid

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple - This Hindu temple on Silom road is also known as Wat Khaek (วัดแขก). Khaek is often used to refer to people of South Indian descent.

View across the Chao Phraya river from Jack's Bar

Jack's Bar

Print Shop in Yannawa

Fruit Vendor at the Seafood Market

Fish Cleaner at the Seafood Market

Wat Yannawa

Wat Yannawa

Wat Yannawa

View from the Taksin bridge looking down the Chao Phraya River

Interesting shrine in the Wat Suwan community near Icon Siam and the Peninsula Bangkok Hotel

Inside the shrine

Alley dining near Wat Suwan

Near Wat Suwan

Icon Siam Shopping Mall

Long Tail river boat with the old custom house in the background

Cha Am

Infinity Pool At Thew Talay Beach

Tiny waitress with tiny but beautiful Thai handwriting.

Food cart at Hua Hin One Shell station


Sky Lounge Sunrise

Avocados at Pak Chong on the way home.

Hin Lat Waterfall

I'd been wanting to cycle up to Hin Lat Waterfall for several years. Every attempt was thwarted by the weather or time constraints. I finally made it. Turned out to be 67K round trip; 57K on the bike with a 10K hike from where I parked the bike up to the falls and back.

Route Map

First stop was for some snack. Chinese style doughnuts.

The road up to the falls is only paved for a short distance. Stopped here next to a pineapple plantation.

And, again here at this corn field. 

Next to the corn field was a trail that led down to the river.

The corn farmer came down to the river to give me some advice on getting up to the waterfall.

Parts of the road were quite muddy.

Other parts were shredded by 4WD vehicles.

Most of the way was OK and through some beautiful rainforest.

The river was quite full.

There are many small check dams along the river. This one has developed a hole, so doesn't do much except serve as a bridge across the river.

The name Hin Lat means slanting stone.

On the way back.

I met these mushroom gatherers. 

This bit of trail is really ripped up by off-road enthusiasts.

Short video of the trail and the falls.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Losin (Pattani) Diving October

 Diving Losin, Pattani, Thailand

We dove with Dive Indeed aboard the MV Tapana at Losin, Pattani. Best diving conditions we've had in quite some time.

This 19th century British map shows Losin as being part of Malaysia. It is abbreviated as Po. Lozin. The Po. stands for Pulo which is an old word for island in Malaysian and Indonesian. 

Chart of the Losin pinnacle area. The northern pinnacle reaches the surface and has a warning light. The southern pinnace is not visible from the surface.

Losin Light from a porthole in the cabin

Nice big bed in the cabin

We saw a Whale Shark on the first day. Here a free diver has a look.

Mam next to one some of the beautiful healthy coral at Losin.

Losin Light and Tapana Catamaran

Losin Light


Iced Chocolate

Coral at Losin

Mam surfaces near Losin Light

Healthy Coral


Dive briefing by Bas

Mam ready to go

Mam and Losin Light

Boat crew weighs anchor

Divers ready to go

That's the trip.

Video of the trip; mostly under water


The boat is based at Songkhla harbor. Songkhla is an old city with an interesting history. Before the boat departed we took a short trip around the old town.

Songkhla port is home to many boats working in the oil drilling industry.

Songkhla has lots of interesting street art

Old city wall

Us Underwater

Courtesy Mr Bas

The only sea fan at Losin