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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Cha Am and Rayong March 2020

A week at the condo in Cha Am and a couple of nights in Rayong

After two months we're back again to this beautiful view.

Breakfast at the beach in Cha Am.

Beach extension and renovation in South Cha Am

Squid with prik pao at Kruea Pa Meaw

Tom Yam Gung

Unloading the catch near Wat Sai Yoi south of Cha Am

Cha Am Little Shop

My long bike ride this month. North of Cha Am along the coast and then inland to Phetkasem Highway

Veyla resort north of Cha Am

There's no road right along the beach just north of Cha Am but there are plenty of small roads and tiny trails leading to the sea.

Dual rail project just north of Cha Am

Yep, they'll take your stuff

This nice little shortcut winds it's way through an always-green cut between two limestone outcrops.

Wat Tam Jaeng - วัดถํ้าแจง

I'm always looking for ways to get up into the hunk of limestone (Khao Yai) just north of Cha Am that is home to Khao Nang Panthurat national park. I've hiked all the trails in the park, but finding another way up has proved elusive. On my way home during this ride I spotted a dirt road leading toward the mountain at the base of which seemed to be a small wat (temple) I rode in and was pleased to see an old, crumbling and overgrown masonry stairway.

Up we go

At the top was a cave with this Buddha image.

Inside the cave were several Buddha images and other assorted relics.

Also some wall paintings.

View from the cave looking west out over Petchkasem Higway.

After descending from the cave I rode north along the base of the mountain. I found a trail here which leads up the mountain. But, at that point I was beat and out of water. Another time.

The grounds of the wat featured several wild animals including this boar, lots of monkeys and several monitor lizards. 

Hard to believe there's a busy highway just a few hundred meters away.

Lunch at Aroy Restaurant in Cha Am

Pool at Thew Talay Estate

Bronte Cafe in Cha Am

Authentic Mexican food at Taco Shell in Hua Hin One in front of Thew Talay Estate.

More fish at Sai Yoi

 New coffee shop south of the Regent Hotel, south Cha Am

Lunch at Vinne

Vinne - Ocean view luxury

Walk up the beach from Thew Talay to South Cha Am

Mam participated in the Cha Am Bikini Beach Run 10K

Happy finisher


Mam had work in Rayong. After the 10K we made the five hour drive.

Kantary Bay Hotel Rayong

Beach in front of Kantary Bay Hotel

Happy Hour Pizza at the Kantary Hotel

The buffet breakfast was wonderful.

While Mam was in court I took a walk east along the shore.

Rayong River

The observation tower is in the Mangrove Forest Learning Ceneter

Dried fish used to make fermented fish sauce.

Some of the Rayong beachfront is quite run down. New hotels and condos are being built.

Rayong small boat harbor

Dinner on the beach at Rayong

Spicy seafood salad over deep fried battered water morning glory.

From Rayong we drove straight north back to Korat with the final leg on Highway 304 through Wang Nam Khiao. We stopped for lunch at Kru Nikorn Restaurant.