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Friday, June 21, 2019

Cha Am June

June trip to the condo in Cha Am

Looking west toward Burma from the Sky Lounge

Bababa Beach Club high rise construction.
The building will block the view soon

Looking south toward Hua Hin and Sam Roi Yod National Park

Looking north toward Cha Am beach and Khao Yai (Big Mountain)

Panorama looking almost due west

Sunrise with Venus

Sunrise at the beach

Early morning at the Sky Lounge 

Offering to monks at Cha Am beach

Steak Na Wang for lunch after a trip to Villa Supermarket

Empty lot. Just us in residence.

Bike parking

Mam had a passenger. It stuck with her all the way to Cha Am Beach

Breakfast at Cha Am Beach

Grilled pork on a stick with sticky rice

After breakfast we found that the Mantis had switched to my bike

It stayed with me all the way back to the condo

I deposited him on a basil plant. Two hours later he was still there.

Bicycle Ride to Nong Chok village

Rice field with Khao Yai in the distance.

Asian Openbill Storks looking for snails in a harvested rice field.

Asian Openbills in flight

Beautifully ripe rice ready to roll

Nong Chok - Dual carriageway rails under construction at Nong Chok railway station

Nong Chok

This Bangkok bound train doesn't stop at Nong Chok

Recently built highway overpass in the background. Supposedly there will be few grade crossings once the dual carriageway rail project is finished.

Nong Chock street. It's a very small village with a few interesting old wooden buildings

Nong Chok Street Art

Nong Chok Street Art

Nong Chok Street Art

Nong Chok

Wooden building at Wat Nong Chok

Lotus pond with flame tree at Nong Chok

A few minutes north of Nong Chok and you're in the jungle

Coffee stop near the railway station at Nong Chok

The sign says "Knom Piya Nong Chok" - Knom Piya is a Chinese-style pastry. The shop was closed.

Spirit houses south of Nong Chok

Herons looking for food in a recently harvest rice field

 Back in Cha Am

Cha Am Little Shop and Resort

Lunch at Jit Pochana - Cha Am

Condo interior in one shot

Infinity pool, umbrellas, ocean, sky

Baba Beach Club restaurant

Pizza Chef at Baba Beach Club

Waiting for pizza with a Mojito and a beer

Sunrise from the Sky Lounge

From the highway. Our building is the beige one on the left. The two blue high rises are part of the same development. The pink/beige building on the right is actually a few hundred meters south.

Lunch at Aroy Restaurant - Cha Am

Night time at Baba Beach Club

Amazon Cafe at Thammasat University Rangsit Campus - Waiting for Mam's daughter to finish an employment exam. (Good luck Miss Pim.)

We got home late so had dinner at the Thank You Family Cafe near our home in Korat.