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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Losin, Koh Krah, Hin Ruea (Whale Sharks) - October 2012

I've been diving in Thailand fairly consistently for over twenty years. Until recently I hadn't seen a Manta Ray or a Whale Shark. I finally saw Manta Rays on this trip: Similan Dive Trip - March 2012.

Early this month I did a dive trip to the southern Gulf of Thailand where I finally saw a Whale Shark.

Boarded the boat, Scuba Explorer, from this beach at Bo Phut on Koh Samui island.

Beach at Bo Phut

Scuba Explorer

Unfortunately, the boat had engine trouble, so we had to spend a day having a look at Koh Samui. This is "Big Buddha" temple.

Fellow divers shopping at Samuis, near Big Buddha

Sculptures at Wat Plai Laem

18 armed statue of Guan Yin at Wat Plai Laem

Statue of Budai (Ho Tei) at Wat Plai Laem

Back on the boat. Time for dinner.

Sunset at Koh Samui

Whale Shark! Although these giant, docile creatures are sharks, they behave more like whales and feed on plankton and small fish.

Koh Kra. We saw the Whale Shark while diving at Hin Ruea, near these small islands.

Another one!

Damselfish in the coral garden

Table coral

Waiting for the dingy to take us back to the boat. 

Sunset at Losin

Pink anemone fish in barrel coral.

Another one

We watched this jellyfish swim around for many minutes. Here it is accompanied by a Trevally and a Bannerfish.

Jellyfish with a Gold Spotted Trevally

You can see the light on Losin rock.

Foursaddle (?) Grouper

Blackcap Butterflyfish

Blue-ringed Angelfish

Map Puffer

Barrel Anemone

Pink Barrel Anemone - Not very common


Lined Butterflyfish

Sunset at Losin

Short video showing Whale Sharks, Jellyfish and waiting in rough seas after a dive.