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My friend Henk Landkroon, from Groningen in the Netherlands, has an excellent photoblog: STORMBLAST1953

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Cha Am October 2018

Rain was predicted, but it was clear and sunny most of the time.

Avocado stop at Highway filling station in Pak Chong

So nice to see the sunrise again

Breakfast on the beach

There are two older women who run an ice delivery service on Cha Am beach. They have a big truck that goes up and down the road. They deliver huge bags of ice cubes and crushed ice to commercial customers. I'm amazed at how strong they are.

Sai Yoi fishing boat harbor at high tide

Glass Room coffee shop at the Veranda Hotel

Weird plant in the Glass Room

Plumeria at the pool at Thew Talay Estate

We managed to hit a day when the sunrise came straight into the corridor

Pizza at BaBa Beach Club

Another stunning sunrise

After a day at the pool at Aquamarine

Lunch at Cha Am Little Shop

High tide at Cha Am Little Shop

Clouds over Cha Am

On the way home we got stuck in a huge traffic jam beginning near the Kanchanapisek Bridge. It took about three hours to move six miles. A 40 foot container had fallen off a truck and blocked all three lanes of the highway.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Ayutthaya - October

A quick overnight trip to Ayutthaya. For work. Really.

 Lunch stop in Khao Yai at Dairy Home

Wat Chai Wattanaram

A recent Thai historical drama featured this wat. It has become popular for Thais to dress up in traditional attire (available for rent) in which to have their photos taken.

Plaster wall decoration

Cycling Back to the Hotel

Wat Suan Luang Sopsawan

Unknown Restored Ruins

Baan Tye Wang

This is a wonderful little guest house in a beautiful restored wooden home (with a modern addition for the rooms).

Happy Hour in the Garden

Dining Area

Wooden House Window

The second floor of the wooden house contains a number of antiques and artifacts

Upstairs door

Wat Phra Ram

Wat Phra Ram

Wat Thammikarat

This wat has a currently active monastery and still serves the local community. This monk was kind enough to answer my questions

The Buddha image is probably several hundred years old as is the ubosot in which it is house.

Reclining Buddha - about 800 years old

Wat Ratburana

Corbeled Arch - The Siamese, like the Khmer, never developed the true arch and instead used a Corbeled Arch

 Wall paintings in crypt (กรุ - underground hiding place) where several tiny Buddha relics were found

Ceiling of crypt