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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Cha Am April 2019

Cha Am April 2019 - Songkran Holiday

Amazon Café, Highway PTT Filling Station
Pak Chong

Sunrise at Thew Talay Estate


Asian Openbill Stork

Stir fried squid with Prik Pao curry

Bicycle Ride North of Cha Am 

View of Khao Nang Panthurat Forest Park

Fishing boat on the beach

Empty beach north of Cha Am

Bang Kao Fishing Village

Mangrove Forest at Bang Kao


Aroy Restaurant, Cha Am

Fish drying at Bang Kwai

Cha Am Little Shop Resort and Restaurant

Chinese Shrine at The Regent Hotel

Chinese Shrine at The Regent Hotel

Chinese Shrine at The Regent Hotel

Infinity pool at Thew Talay Estate

Cooking on the balcony

Panas Restaurant, Cha Am

Beach at Panas

Sand chedi honoring the Songkran Holiday

Friday, April 5, 2019

North Andaman Diving March 2019

North Andaman Scuba Diving

Aboard the MV Moana with Sainamtalay

March 27 - April 1 2019

Clouds approaching Phuket airport

Cabin aboard the Moana

Traditional departure offering

Dawn in the Similan Islands - Trailing the dinghy

Mam - Trying to look scary

Beautiful sea fans

Granite boulders in the Similan Islands

Moana dive deck after a dive

Waterspout in the Similans

เกาะบางู - Koh Bangu - Similan Number 9

Nam Cha Bay, Koh Bangu

Always plenty to eat. Kaen, Yui and Aof

Similan Sunrise

The pre-dive fruit snack arrives

Mam at Koh Bon Ridge

Blue Dragon Nudi at Koh Bon Ridge

Koh Bon - Koh Bon is Limestone
Most of the other Andaman Islands are Granite

Mam at Koh Bon North Cut

Cook-your-own-food night

The Junk dive boat at dawn, Richelieu Rock

Richelieu Rock

MV Moana Kitchen

The Cook

Ghost Pipefish at Richelieu Rock

Aeolid Nudi - Richelieu Rock

Barracuda at Richelieu Rock

Mam examines a sea fan at Richelieu

Sea Fan at Richelieu

Whale Shark at Richelieu
With Dive Guide Kaen
Whale Shark at Richelieu
Whale Shark at Richelieu

Sunrise at Koh Tachai

Chromodoris Nudi at Koh Tachai

 Jellyfish at Koh Tachai

Manta Ray at Koh Tachai

Manta at Tachai

Manta at Tachai

Yours truly at Koh Bon

MV Moana at Tap Lamu Harbor

North Andaman Diving Short Video