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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cha Am April 2018

New Amazon Cafe In Pak Chong

North Cha Am near the small boat harbor

Sunrise at Thew Talay Estate

Busy Songkran breakfast at the beach.

Thew Talay Estate

Our favorite Thai style donuts

New picture wall at the condo.

Condo interior pano

Condo windows pano

Big Snapper at Kruea Pa Maew

Low season at Cha Am Little Shop

Storm over Cha Am

Another umbrella sunrise

Jok on the beach

BaBa Beach Club

BaBa Beach Club

More Songkran breakfast madness

Moo Ping (grilled pork)

On the way home. Klang Dong railway station. Home of the High Speed Rail 3.5K demo project.

Bike Ride to Thung Kham Reservoir

Photos From the Ride

Roadside flowers

20K Marker for Hwy 1001

More roadside flowers

Burial stupas at Wat Nong Hong Pattana

Shrine at Ban Thung Kham

Thung Kham Reservoir

Thung Kham Reservoir

Thung Kham Dam

Water Stop: These guys were in charge of the minimart

Thursday, April 12, 2018

North Andaman Diving April 2018

Four days of diving aboard the Tapana Catamaran with Sainamtalay.

Approaching Phuket via Nok Air

Tapana Catamaran Afterdeck

Mam surveys a Similan Sunrise

Similar Numer Five

Tapana Catamaran Dive Deck

Koh Bon

Koh Bon viewed from our cabin

Chef Bhum

Five meals a day....

Grilled pork with mashed potatoes 

Just before sunrise. Early morning coffee on the Tapana Catamaran

Dining on the upper deck

Kaen, Mam and Peung

Mam always has a little work to do

Similan Number Nine - Nam Cha Bay

Similan Number Nine

Tapana Catamaran Hot Tub

Donald Duck Bay - Similan Number Eight

Isaan food for lunch

Espresso station

Mr Nung

Cha Am from the air. Our condo is down there....