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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Diving the Southern Gulf - Koh Krah and Losin - MV Scuba Explorer

Another dive trip to Koh Krah and Losin. Sadly, foul weather forced us to cut the cruise short by one day. So, only one day of diving at Losin. Still, lots to see and lots of fun.

I took a bus from Korat to Bangkok flew from Don Mueang Airport to Surat Thani. 

From Surat Thani airport it was a bus to Don Sak pier.

The weather looked grim.

The normal "high speed catamaran" ferry had broken down, so we got this one instead.

The sunset at Don Sak was spectacular.

Finally made it to the MV Scuba Explorer. My cabin.

The Scuba Explorer lounge.

The beach at Koh Krah. We dove here for one day, and then it was on to Losin.

This is a short (two minute) video I made of diving at Losin.
Hawksbill turtle, jellyfish, batfish, barracuda and more. 

It's much better when viewed full-screen or on YouTube.

YouTube link here: Diving Losin - September 2013

Dive logbook, Japanese style (by Naoko). We only dove Losin for one day and then had to leave because of foul weather and high seas.

From Losin we went to Songkhla. This is a car ferry across Songkhla harbor. I took the ferry to, Hua Khao, a small fishing village across from the main part of town.

A Chinese Buddhist shrine in a cave at Songkhla harbor.

Buddha images in the cave.

Barber shop.

In need of repair.

Little dead fish.

Boat yard.

Caramelized sugar factory. The sugar is heated here over a wood fire.

After it has cooled these women weigh it and put it in bags. It is used for making desserts.

Main street, Hua Khao.

I look forward to diving Losin again next June or July.