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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Cha Am October

Another visit to the condo....

Amazon jungle. Best coffee around.

We had a drink at the BaBa Beach Club 

Moo Ping for breakfast at Cha Am Beach

Ban Sai Yoi small boat harbor

BaBa Beach club

Cha Am Beach breakfast

Best seafood at Pa Maew

Sunrise at Aquamarine

Cha Am Beach

Cha Am Little Shop

Hup Sabu Waterfall - Cycle/Hike

I did a nice ride looking for Hup Sabu Waterfall. I found it, but there's not much water:

Snack on the way.

Road to Hup Sabu

Hup Sabu Turnoff

Hup Sabu Trailhead

Hup Sabu Trail

Hup Sabu Waterfall - In spite of recent rains, not much flow. I'm guessing the source is now diverted to a nearby reservoir.

Near Hup Sabu Waterfall

Shrine at Wat Ang Hin

Billboard commemorating the late King

Here's a map of the ride.

Home away from home office

BaBa Beach Club

Burger! BaBa Beach club

Interesting sculpture at Amazon Cafe