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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Garden: Stream Rehab

This is a job that I've been putting off for some time. The stream that leads to our garden pond leaks. I assumed that the liner failed, just as the pond liner failed a few years back. Turns out that most of the leaking was due to porous bricks on the edge of the stream. I decided to fix things by lining the stream with ferrocement. This worked well for the pond: Pond Rehab 2011

First step was to remove all the stones from the stream. The stream is quite deep and filled with pea gravel. This serves as a filter for the flowing water.

Here's how it looks with the stones removed.

Lots of palm tree roots growing into the stream. A few roots had penetrated the plastic liner.

Since most of the liner was in tact, I decided to put the hardware cloth (chicken wire) right over it.

Sticky mortar goes over three layers of hardware cloth.

Mam mixed many buckets of mortar.

I had the easy job.

All done.

Here's how it looks with stones and flowing water.

Bai Fern - The elephant fountain back at work.