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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Saipan - November

I finally made it to Saipan to visit my daughter and her three sons.

I flew from Bangkok to Hong Kong to Saipan. This is a beer stop at Wolfgang Puck's in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Airport

International Thanksgiving at Saipan International School

My daughter Chicha with her Thanksgiving plate

Chicha and her boys: Jake, Dean and Christian

Shirley's Coffee Shop: Samy, Dean, Christian, Jake and Chicha

Old Flame Tree in Dandan stripped by typhoon Yutu in 2018

Airport Perimeter Road

Many people are still living in tents after their homes were destroyed by Typhoon Yutu in 2018


Dean plays Fortnite

Jake climbs up on water bottles to reach the shelf

Dandan Children's Park with LaoLao bay and Forbidden Island in the distance.

Java Joe's

I finally get a burger. It was great.

Banzai Cliff on the north tip of Saipan

Japanese monument for WWII at Banzai Cliff

Guanyin (Kannon) statue at Banzai Cliff with Suicide Cliff in the distance.

Micro Beach at American Memorial Park, Garapan, Saipan
Managaha Island in the distance.

Business destroyed by Typhoon Yutu 

Ladder Beach at the south end of Saipan

Restaurant at Ladder Beach

Samy, Christian and Michael

Clear water at Ladder Beach

Japanese WWII bunker at Obyan Beach

Moon, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter taken at Oleai Beach Bar and Grill

Oleai Beach Bar and Grill

Some friends at Oleai Beach Bar and Grill in 1996

Dean and I baked Christmas cookies with a little help now and then from 
Jake who's creaming sugar and butter here.

Dean stuck with it right to the end.

Jake ponders an egg beater

Dean rolls up the dough in waxed paper ready for a few hours in the fridge.


Wow. That's a lot of sprinkles.

Pancakes at IHOP. Lovely

Northern Marianas College gymnasium destroyed by Typhoon Yutu

Northern Marianas College. Classes held in tents.

Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel and Casino, Garapan

Cocos, Garapan, for steak

 I finally got to try Saipan beer

Pizza Hut delivers a dinner box. So much food.

Christmas Tree Decorating

Time to Head Back to Thailand

Hong Kong from the air just before landing

Breakfast at Hong Kong Airport

How to count in Chinese at Hong Kong Airport.