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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Similan Dive Trip - March 2012

I did another liveaboard scuba diving trip aboard the White Manta. Most of the photos which follow are underwater shots. Some better than others. I'm slowly getting there....

The video shows Manta Rays at Koh Bon West Ridge, lots of fish at Richelieu Rock and Boon Sung Wreck.

Similan ("9 Islands") Number 9 on the left and Donald Duck Bay on Similan Number 8 on the right.

Blue Spotted Ray

Giant Clam (Tridacna) from above.

Map Puffer with Remora.

Sunset at Similan #8.

Reef Octopus. Sort of hiding out.

Intrepid underwater photographer. (Photo courtesy Miss Ohn, Dive Guide from the White Manta.)

Manta Ray. Koh Bon West Ridge.

Leaf Scorpionfish. Koh Bon West Ridge.

Coral Garden. Koh Bon West Ridge.

Reef Squid on the run. Koh Bon West Ridge.

Red Spotted Guard Crabs hiding in coral. Koh Bon West Ridge.

Banded Sea Krait. Koh Bon West Ridge.

Orange Anemonefish. Richelieu Rock.

Ghost Pipefish. The white fuzzy thing just to the right of center. Richelieu Rock.

Red Firefish (Lionfish or Scorpionfish). Richelieu Rock.

Tigertail Seahorse. Richelieu Rock.

Barred Moray Eel. Richelieu Rock.

Cleaner shrimp gets a new customer - me. Richelieu Rock.

Barrel (or Magnificent) Sea Anemone. Richelieu Rock.

Yellow Boxfish (Juvenile). Richelieu Rock.

Cleaner Shrimp. Richelieu Rock.

Moray Eel with Cleaner Wrasses. Richelieu Rock.

Barrel Anemones. Richelieu Rock.

Sunset southeast of the Surin Islands. Lighted squid boats on the horizon.

Salp, a sort of plankton. Koh Bon Pinnacle.

More Salp. Koh Bon Pinnacle.

Waterspout. Northeast of Similan #9.

Boon Sung Wreck. This is the wreck of an old tin mining dredge that has attracted an incredible amount of sea life.

Porcupinefish. Boon Sung Wreck.

Reef Stonefish. Boon Sung Wreck.

White Eyed Moray Eels. Boon Sung Wreck.

Glossodoris (Dorid Nudibranch). Boon Sung Wreck.

Dark Margin Glossodoris (Dorid Nudibranch). Boon Sung Wreck.

Beautiful Risbecia (Dorid Nudibranch). Boon Sung Wreck.

Hairy Hermit Crab. Boon Sung Wreck.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Orchids From The Garden


Soft cane Dendrobium


Friday, March 9, 2012

Breeze: Excitement in Homeland 2

A few months ago a sign went up at the entrance to our neighborhood announcing that a commercial for Breeze detergent would be filmed locally. The big day arrived today.

I believe this is just members of the public waiting for their chance at 15 minutes of fame, or maybe free laundry detergent.



Cameraman perched above Brahma Shrine.

Camera on rails. Just like Hollywood.

Wow, two cameras.

I couldn't believe the huge crew they had to film a simple commercial. There were somewhere between fifty and a hundred.

Portable air conditioned dressing rooms.

Note how the Breeze name in Thai (บรีส) is styled to look like the Roman letters "USA". Wonder why?

They brought their own generators.

And portable toilet truck. (The truck is actually owned by the local government.)

How nice.

The Breeze Bus.

Extras chasing the Breeze Bus in front of our house.

Truly an interesting day!