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Friday, February 22, 2019

Cha Am February 2019

Trip to the Cha Am Condo

On the way Mam had work in Nakhon Pathom. So, I enjoyed a cappuccino at this nifty retro coffee shop: Good Coffee.

Looking west over the construction site of the Baba Beach Club high rise building.

Old cottage at Cha Am Beach. Lovely building.

Sunrise at Cha Am Beach.

Old wooden home at Bang Kwai (Sai Yoi)

The hanging gardens of Bang Kwai

Cha Am Little Shop

Thew Talay Estate

Same view, different location

Another Cha Am sunrise

Cha Am small craft harbor

View from CafĂ© Muan Chon

Sunrise with Venus

Wat Rat Charoen Tham (Wat Bo Khaem)

Behind Springfield Resort and old hotel is being renovated.

Wat Sai Yoi

Guan Im at Wat Sai Yoi

You don't say....

Wednesday Morning at Cha Am Beach

Sunrise at Cha Am Beach

Air pollution obscures Khao Yai

On the way home we saw this parade of BMW bikers from Malaysia

Thailand High Speed Rail Project at Klang Dong

Not much progress for 13 months of work

This section is only 3.5K long

No rails yet....