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Monday, January 7, 2019

Christmas in Cha Am

As usual, we spent Christmas and New Year's Eve in Cha Am

Coffee Break at Amazon, PTT Highway, Pak Chong

Sunrise at Thew Talay Estate

My morning coffee at Raya Coffee, Cha Am Beach

Nice snapper at Krua Khun Meow Seafood

Christmas lights on the condo balcony

Baba Beach Club

Fisherman with a catch of Thai Mackerel at Bang Kwai

Coffee @Sea, Springfield Resort

Cha Am Little Shop

Sunrise at Cha Am Beach

Buying some grilled pork and sticky rice for breakfast

Breakfast at Cha Am Beach

Breakfast at Cha Am Beach

Fisherman removes crabs from his net at Cha Am Beach

Spirit Houses at Raya Resort

Cha Am harbor breakwater. Khao Nang Panthurat Forest Park in the background

Squid Monument at Cha Am Harbor
(about three meters high)

Squid Monument in full color

Little Egret at Cha Am Harbor

Cha Am Harbor

Fishing shack at Cha Am Harbor

Repairing the net at Cha Am Harbor

Baba Beach Club holiday lighting

Cycling and Wat Chang Thaeng Krachat

Did a long bike ride one morning and came across the very interesting Wat Chang Thaeng Krachat. I had seen three huge Buddha images on a ridge while riding. I was looking for a way to get up on the ridge when I came to the wat. Problem solved.
Inside the temple grounds two elephants make the beginning of the road up to the ridge.

On the way is a sculpture garden depicting scenes from Buddhist Hell (Nakara)

They are weird.

The are gruesome.

The road up to the ridge was steep, but rewarding

From the first Buddha image I could see the heads of the next two

Beyond the third Buddha image is a granite footprint of Buddha. This is the Dharmachakra (Dharma Wheel) on the bottom of the footprint.

Returning from the Buddha footprint.

Sema stones and Buddha images. Sema stones mark the boundary of the holy area of a wat.

Very old Buddha image at the entrance of an old ubosot (ordination hall).

Stupas for cremation ashes

Buddha Images

Covered Luk Nimit. These spherical stones are usually placed in holes under Sema stones which mark the boundary of the holy area of a wat.

Even though this is a Buddhist temple, the image in the pediment depicts the Hindu god Indra astride his three-headed elephant Erawan.

Darun Muhahirin Mosque, Cha Am

Google Maps recommended this road as a way to get back on the main highway. Thanks, Google.

This is a charcoal kiln not far from the Novotel in Cha Am.

Thus ends the bike ride

Breakfast stall on the beach in Cha Am. This woman is serving up rice congee

Jellyfish on the sand at Cha Am

Raya Coffee

Lunch at Pa May, South Cha Am

Intrepid cyclist ready for lunch at Panas Bar

Never tire of the view from the Sky Lounge, Thew Talay Estate

Cha Am Little Shop - My favorite place for lunch.

Snapper at Cha Am Little Shop