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Monday, December 14, 2015

Cha Am November 2015

Some more time at the condo....

We bought some stuff at IKEA in Bangkok

Sunrise in Cha Am

Rough seas at breakfast

Cycling to dinner

The new Alpaca restaurant

Another sunrise

Rice porridge vendor

Down at the pool

Sunrise panorama

Assembling a TV stand

Came out fine

Tiger shrine at Ban Thung Kham

Tung Ngam Reservoir

Long bike ride

Asian Openbill Storks

Foothills above Cha Am

Shrine to Guan Im

Cha Am railway station

Cha Am railway station

Storm over Cha Am

Motorcycle taxi to Cha Am

Waiting for the bus to Korat

Thursday, October 22, 2015

South Andaman Scuba Diving October 2015

We did four days of diving on the new Tapana Catamaran.

Pre-cruise dinner at the Raya Restaurant in Phuket Town. Cool place serving local dishes in a nicely maintained Sino-Thai home.

Sunrise coffee on the sun deck. For me, this is the best time of the day....

Andaman Sea sunrise at Koh Ha

Koh Ha. We were fortunate to have good weather and fine diving conditions on this trip. This group of five little islands, Koh Ha, is one of my favorite dive spots. Great beauty above and below the surface.

Short YouTube video of some clips I shot on this trip.

The pro spotter. Mam is getting to be a really good diver.

Hin Daeng sunrise

Soft coral at Koh Talang (Stonehenge) near Koh Lipe in Tarutao National Park.

Anemone Fish at Koh Talang (Stonehenge) 

Fan Coral at Koh Talang (Stonehenge) 

Grilled steak for lunch. The cook is a master or all sorts of cuisines.

The spread

 Peacock Flounder at Koh Hin Ru. Mam spotted this guy when he was camouflaged by a layer of sand. Easier to see after I induced him to move a bit. 

The Crown of Thorns Starfish (Acanthaster) feeds on hard and soft corals. If unchecked they can destroy a reef.

Koh Khai (Egg Island). I guess it looks a bit like a fried egg. Lovely spot. Completely empty. Lots of flotsam on the beach.

Lonely beach at Koh Khai. 

Natural arch at Koh Khai

Nice gut, Mike.

Tapana Catamaran off Koh Khai

Morning coffee. As I mentioned, best time of the day.

Another Hin Daeng sunrise

Giant clam (Tridacna) at Hin Daeng

Koh Ha Lagoon. We didn't dive the lagoon this trip. Unfortunately because it's really nice. No so deep. Good light and plenty of interesting stuff on the bottom and rock walls.

Texture at Koh Ha

Surface interval at Koh Ha

Just the two of us. Courtesy Sainamtalay diving.

Koh Ha Noi

Giant Barrel Sponge at Koh Ha Noi

Back at Ratsada Pier on Phuket