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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

South Andaman Diving - July 2014

We headed to Phuket for four days of diving. Mam's first "real" diving since completing her Open Water course.

We flew on the 10th anniversary of Nok Air so were welcomed by this celebration at Don Mueang International Airport.

First stop on Phuket? The Full Moon Brewwork microbrewery.

A light lager for Mam.

Conditions were not ideal for diving. Heavy surf. Rain. Wind. This is Mam at Patong Beach.

The South Andaman can be very beautiful. This is Koh Phi Phi Lei.

We did a two-dive day trip followed by three days of live aboard diving on the Scuba Adventure.

Dive Guide Lam.

Our fellow divers included a Peruvian family of eight: grandma, her four daughters and three adult grandchildren. We brought avocados. They made guacamole.

Tour Leader Julie gives a dive briefing.

Lots of tourists at Koh Phi Phi Lei. A trail leads from here to the famous Maya Bay on the other side.

Kitchen Magician. Tiny work space. Huge meals.

Huge meals

Short video with some underwater shots.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Visit to Saipan

I traveled from Thailand to Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands to see my daughter and grandchildren and lots of old friends.

I stayed with my friend Bobbi Grizzard. This is the view from her guest room.

Grandpa with grandson Jake.

Daughter Chicha and Jake

Saipan has beautiful beaches.

Oldest grandson Christian finishes a plate of pancakes at The Shack.

Oleai Beach Pub. One of the few ocean view dining spots on Saipan.

Christina, Dean, Chicha and Jake.

Christian and Dean

The view from Suicide Cliff

Christian and Dean at Suicide Cliff

Tanapag Lagoon

Banzai Cliff

Mr. Dean

Christian and Dean at Banzai Cliff

The Last Japanese Command Post

Dean and Christian at the Last Command Post

Sunset at Godfather's Beach Bar, Fiesta Hotel

Heidi and Bobbi

Godfather's, one of the few beachside bars on Saipan.

I took one day to dive Lao Lao Bay.

Harry Blalock relocates a Crown of Thorns

Bigeye Scad

World War II anchor

Pipeline used by the Japanese during WWII to refuel ships.

Lao Lao Fish Ball - Schooling Bigeye Scad

A very short video of the dive I posted to YouTube.

Another lovely Saipan Sunset

Saipan Hash House Harriers Full Moon Hash

Scrabble Night at the Cafe at the Park with Dick and Bobbi.

Lunch at the 360 Restaurant

Layover in Manila on the way home. Because of a typhoon I ended up having to stay an extra day.