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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sisaket April

Mam had some work in Sisaket. We did a two day trip and had some fun.

Lunch on the way. Grilled chicken here...

along with Som Tam and Khao Niao

Prasat Si Khoraphum

Twelfth Century Khmer Hindu temple.

Five sandstone towers on a laterite base

This beautifully carved stone lintel depicts a dancing Shiva with Kala, the swallowing monster (representing time) just below. On the left flank are Durga and Vishnu and on the right Brahma (four faces) and Ganesh (elephant head).

Mam at the main tower with the above described lintel. 

Apsara which flanks the doors of the main tower (photo above).

The capstones on the right would have topped the five towers. These were probably added later when the Hindu temple was converted to a place of Buddhist worship. 

Wat Sa Kamphaeng Yai

Eleventh Century Khmer temple made of laterite, sandstone and brick

Mam at the main entrance. The Nagas (many-headed sepants) are a recent addition.

Typical of many Khmer monuments, the perimeter wall is actually a corridor or gallery. The wall/corridor is made of laterite with door frames and lintels of sandstone.

Laterite floor of the perimeter corridor.

View of the gallery from inside the temple area.

Sandstone lintel depicting Indra riding his three-headed elephant Erawan (Airavata). As usual, Kala, the time monster is at the lower center of the lintel.

That same lintel shown in place with decorative door frame.

This may depict Hanuman (monkey god on the left) paying respect to Rama.

Modern temple outside the Khmer structure.

Detail of the photo above. This depicts Vishnu in eternal sleep upon the sea on which floats a serpent. In Thailand this avatar of Vishnu is known as Thap Lang Narai Banthomsin (ทับหลังนารายณ์บรรทมสินธุ์)

This lintel depicts Shiva, I think....

Yoni. the lingam is missing. The Yoni and Lingam together represent the process of creation and regeneration.

Shiva rides the bull, Nandi.

Sandstone window frame in the perimeter gallery.

Lower part of door column.


Sisaket Town

Khun Amphai commercial building. Constructed in 1925, later restored and given to the city government.

Ton Makluea Market near the railway station.

Leo's Sisaket bar and restaurant.

We had a few beers.

And dinner.

Old restaurant, Sisaket

Ban Ta Meng

Mam had some work at Ban Ta Meng. It's a very small village. It's not far from the main highway, but there's not much going on.

Community spirit house with five wooden pillars.

Rice barn with scarecrow.

Rice Mill

Isaan Kitchen

Home spirit house

Outdoor rest spot.

From Ta Meng we drove up to the border with Cambodia. This is the Thai Immigration station. It is possible to park and walk across the border to the casino which is in the mo man's land between the Thai and Cambodia Immigration points.

Phaya Kupri Viewpoint

Nice place for a rest and good view from the mountains separating Thailand and Cambodia of Huay Samran reservoir.

There is a nice walk through the jungle. Not too long.

And, in the parking lot, a guy selling delicious home made ice cream. Real ice cream. Creamy and not too sweet.

Thai military border checkpoint.

Prasat Phum Pon

Said to be the oldest Khmer temple in Thailand. Built in the 7th Century, so, pre-Angkor. The prang (tower) is brick, but the platform in the foreground is laterite stone. It may be a later addition.

Inside the prang, some interesting stuff. No idea of the provenance of any of it.