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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas in Cha Am

I bought a condominium unit at Baan Thew Talay on the beach in Cha Am. The purchase was finalized in December and we moved in on Christmas Day.

Ah, yes. Lots of stuff. Thank goodness for the luggage cart.

View from the balcony. We're on the 7th floor.

View from the Sky Lounge, 13th floor (labeled 12a).

Fishing boat anchored offshore.

The beach is clean and mostly empty. This is just a few kilometers south of the main Cha Am beach.

Pool by the beach.

Fishing boat in a nearby lagoon.

Sunrise at the Sky Lounge.

Panorama inside the condo.

The bedroom and living room are separated by a sliding partition.

View from the bedroom.

Panorama from the balcony.

Bedroom and living room (yes, it's small).

Living room and balcony.

Lunch in Hua Hin. Duck Palo and Som Tam.

Santas at The Energy condominium.

Beach in front of the condo.

Mam in the beachside pool.

Sky Lounge pool and deck.

Relaxing on the beach.

Lunch at Steak Nawang.

New Year's Eve at Nong Nut on the beach.

New Year's Day sunrise.

Small beach north of Cha Am harbor.

Cha Am Harbor.

Sky Lounge.

Real seafood.

Packed up and ready to go.

Until next time.