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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Cha Am June

June Trip to the Condo in Cha Am

Coffee Stop at Amazon in Pak Chong

Sunrise at Thew Talay

View north to Khao Yai Mountain

Sunrise at the beach pool.

Morning at the beach

Breakfast at Cha Am Beach

Covid 19 contract tracing check in

Do and don't at the beach

Lunch at Cha Am Little Shop

Cha Am Little Shop

A walk through Cha Am Little Shop

Thew Talay beach pool

Grilled pork on a stick with sticky rice.

Beach breakfast

Thunder and lightening over Khao Yai

Coffee Bar - One of the few places open for coffee at Cha Am Beach

Jit Pochana for lunch

Chicken baked in pandanus leaves at Jit Pochana

Sunrise with Venus

Looking north

Looking west toward Burma

Looking west

On the way home we stopped at Kut Chik railway station in Korat. We were hoping to see high speed rail construction. I guess they haven't gotten this far yet.

Cycling North of Cha Am

I did a long bike ride north of Cha Am

Mam and I rode together to Cha Am Beach for breakfast

Still pretty empty

I crossed the little drawbridge over the small craft harbor on my bike.
A little crazy.

Khao Yai mountain reflected in a tidal pool.

Selfie with the giant custard apple.

Limestone peak at Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park

New coffee shop at at Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park. Not yet open.

Dvaravati era chedi.

I tried to ride an old trail on the west side of Khao Yai, but it had been recently bulldozed (don't know why) making cycling pretty impossible. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Cha Am May 2020

Thailand's soft lockdown for the Corona virus finally eased enough that we felt comfortable driving to the condo in Cha Am.

We finally figured out that there are two Dairy Home restaurants in Pak Chong. This is our first visit to the original.

Same good food.

And interesting surroundings.

Morning coffee at Cafe Muanchon. We stopped in here because there were none of the usual food vendors on the beach. 

Aroy restaurant had just recently reopened. Good food as usual.

Beach just north of the condo.

Fisherman at sunrise.

Fishing boat in front of the temporarily closed Springfield hotel.

Cha Am Beach is closed.

This old tree is on the breakwater at the Cha Am fishing harbor. It recently was toppled by big waves. The day after I took this photo is was righted and replanted.

Cha Am squid monument. Squid are an important part of the local fishing industry.

Damage to the fishing harbor breakwater.

Morning at the Coffee Bar in central Cha Am.

Coffee Bar

I Love Sweet bakery and restaurant. Because Cha Am was so empty we were able to visit a few restaurants we might otherwise avoid due to crowds.

A new property tax law was set to commence this year. Unused land would be heavily taxed. Agricultural land is exempt. So, many holders of vacant land are rapidly trying to get into agriculture.

Yes, it's a Pork Cheese Ramen Burger from 7Eleven.

Sunrise at Thew Talay

New pair of slippers after Mam blew out her flipflop.

Thick toast, ice cream and chocolate flavored condensed milk.

Our usual breakfast vendor had moved from the beach to a side street. She waved us down as we rode by.

Another new spot called Enjoyable Food. Quite good.

Storm on the way.

Short order restaurant at the end of Soi Bus Stop.

Thew Talay pool

Shell station at Hua Hin One.