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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

South Andaman Dive Trip - February 2020

This was five days of diving in the South Andaman sea aboard the MV Mariner Bunnak with Sanamtalay dive shop.

Underwater camera is a GoPro 7 Black. Results, especially for closeups, are not great.

Long lineup departing Don Mueang International in Bangkok

Killing time in at the Phuket airport with Mr Kaen of Sainamtalay

As a result of the Corona virus, the Phuket airport was really dead. We were the only customers at the Bill Bentley Pub.

Asia Marina in southeast Phuket. Many dive boats, tourist boats and speedboats are docked here.

Strangers in the Night. Odd mannequin near an empty souvenir shop.

Sunrise at Koh Ha. First dive site.

Mam surveys

Seize the Day

White Collar Butterfly Fish at Hin Daeng

Dining aboard the MV Mariner Bunnak

Sunrise at Koh Batong

Mr Mee, owner of the boat, gives a dive briefing for the Sawang dive site.

Koh Talang (Stonehenge)

Conditions were not great. Visibility was poor and there were some strong currents as it was full moon. This is some beautiful soft coral at Koh Talan with Mam in the background.

Peacock Flounder on the bottom at Koh Talang

Pikachu Nudibranch (Thecacera pacifica) at Koh Talang

Soft coral at Koh Talang

Soft coral at Koh Talang

Tube anemone at Koh Talang

Sea fans (soft coral) at Koh Talang

Sunset at Koh Lipe

Dinner on the MV Mariner Bunnak

Sunrise at Koh Rok

Early snack at Koh Rok

Koh Rok

Charging in the longe

Crown of Thorns starfish

Chromodoris Nudibranch

Ko Ha Sunset

Approaching Koh Phi Phi

Hawksbill Turtle at Hin Klai

Dive Deck Chaos

Hin Bida Nok and Hin Bida Nai

Fan coral with Mam at Bida Nok

Bida Nok

Our leader, Mr Kaen surfaces at Bida Nok

Leopard shark at Musang


Phuket in the distance.

Shabu Shabu night on the boat

Our cabin. Two bunk beds and not much else.

Cook in his tiny kitchen.

Boat crew takes us back to the dark on the dingy.

Normally Rassada Pier and Asia Marina are beehive of active early in the morning as boat crews get the ferries and speedboats ready for tourists.

Not much going on today at Asia Marina

Mostly underwater video shot with a GoPro.