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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Cha Am October 2019

Ah, Yes. Back to my favorite spot.

Construction of the BaBa Beach Club Tower

Extension and rehabilitation of Cha Am South beach

Thew Talay Estate Shell Station

Shell Station with the railroad themed restaurant

Aquamarine beachside pool

Sunrise at the beach pool

Pool again

Harvesting the catch at Sai Yoi fishing harbor

Lunch at Cha Am Little Shop

Aroy Restaurant in Cha Am

 Sunrise from the Aquamarine Sky Loung

I intended to cycle up to the Hin Lad waterfall. Unfortunately, rain the night before rendered the road impassible on my bike.

Vehicle overpass for the new dual track railway at Bo Khaem


Sunrise, again

Sky Lounge Storm Damage

On the evening of October 13th we noted that a rainstorm was predicted for about midnight. We were awoken about then by the sound of thunder, lightening and pounding rain. We fetched the beach gear from the balcony, closed the windows and went back to bed. We heard a loud explosion which we assumed was a power transformer. It turns out the explosion was the sound of the plate glass windows of the Sky Lounge imploding. 

I think the outside air pressure fell fast during the storm causing this heavy wood and glass door to fly off its hinges and out of the library.

That caused the big glass window at the end of the room to implode into the room.

By the next day the room had been cleaned out, the broken glass removed and a rope strung across the open window which is 13 floors above the ground.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Losin September 2019

Diving Losin - September 2019

We did a live aboard dive trip to Losin which is a pinnacle in Pattani, Thailand

The boat is the Tapana Catamaran which departed from Songkhla in Southern Thailand

Always plenty to eat on the Tapana Catamaran

Sunrise near Losin

Losin Lighthouse. That's all there is above the water.

We had good weather. No wind. Calm seas. No current. Good visibility.
Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot to see.

The coral is much healthier than it was when we dove here in May

Mam. Cool and relaxed as usual.

Another meal

Mike and Mam getting ready to dive.

Yeah, me, with the bright yellow fins.

Mike and Mam all alone at Losin Pinnacle

Losin Sunrise

Sticky Rice

Soft Coral

Mam and Barrel Sponge

Short dive video. Sorry, not much to see.

Chef Bom makes shave ice.

Green Tea Shave Ice with Kiwi Fruit

Mr Somkiat, the Tapana Catamaran Mechanic. He can fix everything and is really good about making sure divers get back on the boat.

 Songkhla Old Town

When we got back to the mainland I took a brief walk through the old town section of Songkhla

Songkhla City Gate

Nakhon Nai Road

Street Art

Beautiful old building

More street art

The Antique Hotel
Beautifully restored old hotel.

Antiaue Hotel Interior

Antiaue Hotel Interior

Antiaue Hotel Interior

Some great old buildings
Plenty of Sino-Portuguese (Perenakan) architecture